Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Amongst the Living Today!

It's never felt SO good to be AlIvE! lol

Seriously. A whole week with immense mouth pain will give you a whole new respect for things like: laundry, laughing, TaLkInG, singing lullabys...LiFe is GoOd. I know God gives us HaRd trials because He wants us to come OuT of them with this perspective- LiFe is GoOd, HE is GoOd, and HE will get us ThRouGh everything! So, I'm back! Hello World- you are so lOvelY.

Remember when I mentioned I wanted to make my own stocking hangers? Um. Perhaps NeXt Year! hahaha Just not gonna happen. So what's a girl to do with awesome new stockings {I think they're awesome} and nothing to hang them on?! Answer: Go to Kohls and just BUY some. Buckle down and DO it {its been 6 years for crying in the mud!}

The Good part though: 20% off PaSS! Holla! {who else used one?} AND a SaLe to bOOt! I got the set of 4 hangers for $26.99 down from $60 bucks! And, they are carved out of wOOd. This woodsy girl's heart melted, it was lOvE at first KnOt... and the fact that it says "NOEL" brought a little tear to my eye {ok, now I'm being dramatic}

So here's our "mantel" for this year.
It's SO simple but so GrEaT {I think}. Yes, I would have lOvEd to have more room to work with this year, but a girl has got to find a PaRtY in everyday life-circumstances. And so, I dIg this little space :)

It all started with this, remember? It's just cUtE.

Then it went to these {every kid needs a candy jar to pick from all Christmas long!}

I just L-O-V-E these hangers {swoon}

And I needed a 5th for our PaRtY of 5! So this fit perfectly {hello, star of David? Score!}
(Hubby gets the sTaR, of course!)

The stockings {finally!} With as excited as my littles were to have stockings, I could have just wrapped them up and put them under the tree!

Then I dressed these up a bit, they always have sea shells in them (from our bedroom) and I was lazy and left them in. It's cool if it doesn't mesh. I'm all about {strange}.

And of course, the wreath is hung in aLL it's t-shirt/flannel {GlOrY}

I also threw in poinsetta's (spell check yourself, I'm too lazy) this year, never really do because they scream {too loudly} Christmas, but this year I am less of a ScRooGe {grins}
Of course, mine are FAKE for obvious reasons {too forgetful to water, too cheap to replace}

So here is our Christmas this year {don't ask how I get to my towels now}.

11 DaYs Left people! JoY to the WoRld, I'm thankful for my life back.
Hope you're doing SwELL :)



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