Friday, December 9, 2011

I've Got the jOy-JoY-jOy-JOY down in my HeArT!

WhErE?! {please comment below if you know that song!}

Today has been GlOriOUs compared to yesterday! Yes, my mouth hurts like crazy and Yes, the pain medication has made me sick ALL week- BUT today I feel MuCh more like MySeLF! {which is a swell thing}

I've been working on a bunch of fun things for Katie's baby shower this week. I'll post some pics of that later on so be on the look out {it will be awesome}. It's tomorrow!

Got the kids' stockings yesterday and I am working on a way to make my own stocking hangers for them-have you seen how much those things run now days?! {lame sauce}
Mine will include some wood, a saw, and lots of mod podge *grin* Hopefully I get to that before Christmas Day arrives! {I have 16 days, no sweat, right?}

ALSO going to make this AdOrAbLE Peppermint Playdough for the girls' preschool class next week. Can that seriously get ANY cuter? {not possible}
Thank you The Idea Room for the idea and SuPeRb printable! {love}
picture from The Idea Room

What are YOU up to out there?



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