Sunday, December 11, 2011

Camera's Are So Great...

Especially when you {bring} them to a party you helped host!
(totally forgot my camera for Katie's shower)

Thank God for iphone camera apps! I got a few shots of the party with that. Which, by the way, if you are {cool} like me and use the iphone- make sure you get the FREE app from Instagram. Such a fUn way to take pics on the phone.

So here is a little bit of what the shower looked like from the iphone {I had 949 pics on there, I obviously have never uploaded before}

"Lillian Joy"- I was not as pleased with this banner as I hoped to be. The letters were not visible enough...but I drew and cut each one by hand, so you know, oh well. Katie liked it {thank god}

It was a little hard to decorate around Christmas decor, but the bright colors helped everything stand out. {it was an orange Christmas, if you will}

A friend of Katie's made the cute cupcakes {picture stinks}

Some other little things I made put together for her nursery...

Isn't She lOvElY!?

I {stinkin} lOvE this girl. So BlEsSeD by her friendship. It was a fUn and memorable time- which is what matters most! *smiles*

Hope your weekend was sWeLL.


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