Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....


I'm feelin' it this year too.

Typically, I do get excited about the end of every year because of all the PaRtieS! and decorations, gatherings, packed calendar...I dig all that stuff.

But this year is different. This year I'm easily reminded of the little things. As a family of 5, living with my parents, in 2 bedrooms, I've been like it or not reminded of joy through little a hot shower (rare when living with 9 people), clean floors!, sharing television show times with my chatter-head older sister, and being closer to my kids (quite literally because they all 3 have one room across from ours to share). We're going on 3 months, and today I stopped to think about how long it's been and I honestly can say...

I'm content and proud of our choices to live here. Our Christmas will be different but our unity feels stronger.

And so, I'm looking forward to slowing down this season- It's OK to not host PaRtieS, make a 5 course meal for the entire family, decorate every inch of the house, or even have our own ornaments on the tree (not digging them out of storage). It's going to be about us this year, having an awesome time doing whatever we do....

We have plans for Disneyland this Christmas which is SO exciting because it will be our first time going all 5 of us! Many pics to come on that, I'm sure!

Anywho, that all being said, I do very much enjoy decorating and creating no matter where I am living and although I am a little bummed to not have a house of my own to do fun, decor things in...I do have a little hallway to myself! I plan to spruce it up as Christmasy as possible. Pictures coming soon!

But it all started with this cute little thrift store find:
(picture is horrible because....well, I just suck at taking pictures)

I am probably going to fill it with yummy smelling pine cones because I ADORE pine cones *grin* I also will be making late in the game, I know a wreath out of felt in fun colors.

It's not much, but I'm stoked about my little space. Stay tuned *wink*

Love, Me


  1. Post pics of the wreath I'd love to see it! And I didn't know you moved back with your parents. Hope all is well love your posts


  2. @Anonymous Thanks Robbyn :) I'll have a picture up soon! xo


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