Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just When I ThOuGhT I was Original...

What was I thinking? This idea is too easy-peasy to not have been created before.

But, I prooooomise- I never sourced it out in blogland. So, to me, it's original--->dangit!

I needed wanted badly a wreath. I am not quite green thumb enough to make one with floraly stuff and so I got to thinking of a super easy way- no sew, glue, stitch stuff- to make a spiffy little Christmas wreath.

I gave it a really superb name too (in my head, this was still my own idea), a "Tie-some-fabric-around-a-wreath, Wreath". That's all it is- but it looks purdy AND original in the sense that not all will look like it, right? So {THERE} blogland. *psh*

{ensert sarcasm at all times people}

Isn't it kinda cute though? Yeah? {minus the horrible pic}

This is all you need (which, by the way, you can find this very easily anywhere online, apparently)

Wreath:Fabric:Scissors:Ruler/Tape Measure
Don't be cheap like me and go this route with your wreath of choice. Spend a few extra $$ and get a FOAM wreath-

Or you'll get this...

AND end up having to do this...

(to keep the straw from shedding)

Somtimes I wonder about myself...but you know, Mama doesn't need a new pair of shoes- this Mama needs a HOUSE- every penny counts people! {drama}

Cut your fabric of choice (I also saw grosgrain ribbon used too) into strips- whatever size you want, and honestly your cutting doesn't even need to be perfect for this. I used a cotton blend- so it's a "t-shirt wreath"- NEW NAME! lol {sweet}

Get the "knoty" action going *wink* {that was so lame}.

But don't be lazy with those knots! I was starting to see mine take a turn for the worst when I was pulling too tight on them. So, take your time and make the knots look nice so you get a good looking center for the wreath. Like this-

Now you're ready to PaRtY- Wreath style {dork}
(warning: when I'm tired, everything is funny)

Love, Me

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