Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drool Worthy Inspirations

One of the many things I can not wait to do when we buy our home is to do my kids' rooms! {again}

We have had their current sets for about 3 years now...I know, that's not a long time but when you enjoy kids room decor as much as I do- 3 years is time enough to switch it up!

Jack has had a camping/outdoorsy room with mainly browns, greens, and blue. Very cute set that I pieced together from different places. Unfortunately we haven't stayed anywhere long enough for me to totally complete the look I was going for with it, but it was still cute. You can see his room here.

But when we move, and as he is nearing 7 years old now {yikes!} I am really excited to "beef up" his room a bit. That sounded gross. I just mean make it more grown up looking, ya know? I saw all of these today from Land of Nod, and I just LOVE the bright colors!

This rug is super cute- probably not for Jack's room, but I love it anyway. Why can I just picture myself gluing thousands of those craft pouf balls together to make my own version?? Hmmm...

Loving RED for his new room. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am a sucker for navy, red, and white- and of course, nautical items.

I see, "Nautical goes Pirate" in Jacks new room...These pillows are neutral enough to pair up with bright colors- I think :)

Too cute!

This would definitely be easy to make on my own, but again, perhaps too young for his "beef'd up room"- still SO cute! {I'm thinking birthday}

I also hope to put a cool loft type bed in his room...and depending on the size of the room- his own writing desk {with hutch possibly} or if size is too small, I hope to do a loft bed with desk underneath.

Somthing like this, and put my own desk underneath...

Or this would be cool (in a dark brown or navy) if we were really limited on space...I think Jack would love this idea...

Ok, dreaming is over for now. Can't wait to see what we come up with after we move!! {don't even get me started on the girly room!}

On another note- I can not WAIT until Spring Break!! So many fun little things planned with the kiddos....starting with Disneyland on Friday! w00t!
This mama needs a break and some fun times with the little guys :)



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