Monday, March 26, 2012

The Weekend Re-Cap

Maybe it should be better known as the "WRC"...

We had a very busy weekend! It started with Friday because that was Jack's first official day of Spring Break! We got the Hubbs to take off work and go spend the day with us at Disneyland. It was a very long day- we have typically been going for 1/2 days (after church) so to be there all day was quite a different experience. But so much fun- as always!
The crowds were much better too, which helped. I can't believe how packed that place gets! Isn't the economy hurting??! jeesh! The beauty of a season pass means we can miss a ride and put it on our list for next trip. So far, we already have 5 rides on our list for next trip...the Haunted Mansion was all Jack's idea- he was set on going- we get to the entrance {that spooky elevator} and he startes losing it! Then of course, Averie {in her most determined brave face} begins to cry too. Luckily, we were able to just turn around and get out! LOL Aislinn started crying too as we left, but not because she was scared, she wanted to STAY! Oh-EMM-Gee- these kids are crazy! So we get off and have a little "pow-wow" {more like a frenzied conversation to calm them all down} and then Jack is crying and wanted to go BACK on! I, of course, told him no way we will try again next trip. So, it is on our list for next time...we'll see how THAT goes!
Our disneyland survival mode is now set to letting each child pick their very favorite ride that they would like to go on, and no matter how long that line is, we ALL go on it. Then with our extra time after those rides we try to catch a show or Mom & Dad get to pick, or maybe {on a good day} they will agree to a ride.
This trip was long and crazy {ended up at Chik-Fil-A for dinner at 9:30pm} I don't think we will do more than a few ALL-DAY trips this year.

Saturday Our morning was spent resting, hanging around the house, and such. Later in the afternoon, I went to San Diego for my friends 30th birthday party. We had dinner in Cardiff and went to the Belly Up for a Beastie Boys tribute was actually a lot of fun! I couldn't believe how talented the musicians were in Karl Densons band!! Very good show. It was a late night (I think I got home at 3am) but worth it!

Sunday Our church had it's One Year anniversary party, so we stayed afterwards and had a BBQ on the lawn. It was pretty cold, so it didn't last all day, but it was fun. Free lunch is always a great thing! We came home to do the normal household chores and hang out.

Last Weeks Goals:
1) Homeschool 2 days....We did 1 day! And a library trip.

2) Take a vitamin each day....Sadly, I kept forgetting! The kids always have theirs!

3) Drink 4 water bottles a day....Yes!

4) Read 5 chapters of Matthew...Got through 2, plan on finishing more this week

5) Watch a Movie with the Kids...Yes! It was fun :)

This Weeks Goals/Desires

1) Do two adventurous activities with the kiddos for Spring Break

2) Read Matthew 2-10 and change memory verse board

3) Research Campsites for this Summer and maybe book a couple!

4) Take Jack on a date while girls are in Preschool

5) Challenge Spend two complete evenings with my hubby (no computer, reading, etc.) We get busy doing "things" and then our evening is over before we got to spend time together. I hate that.

Happy Monday!!
Love, Me


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