Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Better Late than Never!

I say that a lot as a Mother of three....

Happy Monday?! So, yeah, a little late this week but I'm still going to give my quick recap of the weekend {I'm the one who reads this like my family journal, so who cares}.

Saturday- St. Patrick's Day! This year we had So. Much. RAIN. Ick! We were inside all day. The hubbs set up leprachaun traps with the kiddos the night before and then ater they were asleep, we had so much fun setting up a little treasure hunt for the kids- I make every "holiday" sort of a big deal around here {well, not every, but the ones that mean something to us and that I want my kids to be a part of}. I got to the craft store the night before at the last minute, so there wasn't a ton to work with {why do my ideas always come too late?!!} but I found some giant clovers to write the clues on, a glitter clover garland (for his magical trail), some "gold" (wanted gold coin chocolate but ended up with yellow skittles), then printed these ideas out (changed a few things), and set it all up. It was time consuming, but so worth it.

My son was hilarious that morning. He always changes right when he wakes up {because he still wears a pull-up...don't judge- it's not that uncommon for a 6 year old boy to have this issue} and when I walked in he hasn't even gotten to his underwear pants yet {ahem} he was SO excited about looking under his traps! So I come in and he is going nuts over these clues, and of course, the sisters follow his lead (always).

(the clues)
(the gold)

(the magical Leprachaun Pete trail)
(the evidence)
(the end result of a fun treasure hunt- pots of gold, sugar cereal & green milk with shamrock toast)

I just LOVE how my son is so excited about the little things. I know our day is coming (too soon) where he will not wake up pantless out of too much excitement over the house leprachaun that came to visit...so I cherish every moment of this, as often as possible.

This is what makes being a Mom, a "Mommy"- you know? Someday it will just be "Mom" but right now, I am Mommy {or more so around here, "Mama"}. I never want it to end, but that's the beauty of it all, getting the time to enjoy every stage of our children's lives and making memories along the way. Such a blessing!

Later Saturday evening, the Hubbs and I went to see a movie. He has been wanting to go for awhile {not my favorite pass time}. It was a great movie. One that changes your prespective. I like movies like that. Meaningful, real, and impactful. Wished we took our picture!

Sunday- The rain stopped for good periods through out the day. We had a great morning at church and then ended up at Jersey's Pizza with a few families afterwards. After all that, it was cleaning time...deep cleaning, I guess perhaps even "Spring Cleaning" around here. My amazing, sweet hubby even did a bunch too- all on his own- that always makes me want to clean even more when I see him helping me. It was sparkly clean around here without a piece of dirty laundry in sight and the kids had some great playtime outside while the sun was shining. Love Sundays!

Last weeks goals (major failure on most)
1.Get to the gym twice (its been hard to get back on track after sickies)
Nope! But my exscuse? My girls have been getting sick way too easily over the past month and I'm very afraid of them catching anything right now. Too many parents at the gym, sadly & honestly, are more concerned with their "workout" than thinking about bringing sick kids to the childcare and spreading germs. But, I am going to try better this week.

2. Pray in-depth for my family at least once a day- CHECK!
Yes. God has been speaking to me a lot recently about being patient and giving Him the power to move in our life.

3. Two homeschool sessions with the girls- Technically, No.
We had some educational discussions- you know, the kind where you're driving and you ask them to name that letter {I give them the sound, they tell me what letter it is} and homework times at the table. But no, nothing formal this week.

4. Menu Plan for the next 2 weeks- Not Quite.
I usually ALWAYS plan for 2 weeks at a time, but this week I actually wanted to see how it would go to do just 1 week at a time. So I did plan out this week's menu. Next week, I think I'll have better ideas to plan stuff.

5. Challenge Goal- Read the word each day.- Not Quite.
I know, this one makes me sad. I read alittle of the Bible everyday, but I wanted to actually READ this week. Didn't happen. One day I got through a whole chapter. But not as much as I was wanting.

Goals for this week:

1) Homeschool Time with girls, two days. (usually the days they are not in preschool)

2) Take a vitamin each morning.

3) Drink 4 water bottles a day. (thats a lot for me)

4) Read the first 5 chapters of the book of Matthew

5) Challenge Watch an entire movie with my kids. (Mom of the year, I know, but I have a hard time sitting through ANY movie!)

That's All for now! My posts keep getting longer and longer! Does this mean I'm getting old? I have noticed I talk a lot more about things....LOL
Oh well. The beauty of blogging is you can always just click that upper right red box with the big "X" on it and be done! haha {but don't tell me you do that before reading all this super important, mind-blowing stuff?!!}



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