Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Home Means More than a House

I miss our rental house so much, we just moved from it in September to stay with my Mom and save some $$ in hopes of buying our OWN home {soon, yet not soon enough at times!}

I just wanted to look back and remember the place on Red Oak St. where we called Home. I loved working on this house, even though we only lived here a year- it was worth every ounce of work to make it our style and comfotable for my family. It was simple, but it was home.

Here was the Family Room {just overlook the horrible picture quality and adorable children}
Love these pillows so much! Our first pillow splurge purchase, and Justin actually helped pick them out! {$60 for 3-not too shabby!}

The Fireplace- that was once red {I'm not totally against red, but with the natural slate flooring they had, I never did quite get their choice of color}
(that rocking chair is very special- it is my best friends from her son's nursery) {don't mind the broken lamp shade with light bulbs sticking out the top- just keepin it classy}
See what I mean with red not going with the slate? Someone please agree {or disagree and enlighten me} on this!

Here was our Kitchen {favorite place in the house} Wanted to do something very subway artsy above the kitchen window- but time went by too fast!

This was the little Dining Room Notice, there is no picture of the actual dining area...haha we didn't really have one- we had a little hand-me-down table that sat only 4 of our 5- still waiting on my dream dining room table! (it will be made from old rustic doors- I hope!)
I miss this little "Command Central" Spot that was off the Dining Room so much!

The Den/Office/Workspace {this room had gone through 3 different uses in that one year- this is the only picture I have of it now- again, wanted to do so many things in here too!}
Oh how I miss sitting in this chair with my laptop or favorite book in the evenings!

Here is the Hallway
Loved this storage area for our blankets and towels {and my growing stacks of catalogs & magazines}

Jack's Room {still had more ideas, but a year really does go by fast! he desperately needed a curtain rod too! haha}

The Girlies Room
I threw these up above the window just for fun- after making like 20 of them for my cousins baby shower! I didn't keep them up long, but they're fun!
The Green Dresser- this was one of my favorite transformations. It was a chipped up white dresser with boring white knobs. Now a sWell shade of GREEN- I could marry this piece! {again, no blogging at the time or I would have a tutorial on how I did it- nothing major though- lots of sanding, painting, and sealing thats all}

The Bedding I LOVE so much, from Walmart! {looked online for weeks for bedding I loved- PB, Land of Nod, Etc. and ended up at Walmart! $30 for the set! it was exactly what I was wanting...score!} The picture is awful- it is a lot more vibrant in colors, greens, blue, pink, and even this awesome burnt reddish color.
Threw in some inexpensive bird houses from the craft store- painted them and hung from the ceiling {tried to stay simple- but again, wanted to do so much more!}

The Bathroom {I took these pictures quickly so please look past the fact that I left the toilet seat open, again, just keepin it real haha}

And This is the part of the post where I want to CRY....loudly....I have no pictures of Our Room! It was probably the hardest room I worked on because it had high ceilings and I painted the entire thing PLUS hand stenciled a wall with this wonderful, beautiful stencil.

The Best picture I can find so far is this....{squint past the cutie to see the wall behind her!}
I just want to cry!! This is why I NEED a blog! I have done so many little {& big} projects without documenting ANY of it! *sobbs*

Oh well. Hopefully I come across a picture of it soon, Justin thinks we have one on a hard drive somewhere. It was very pretty though- beachy and modern. I even did our dresser {still haven't finished it- probably will post about that in the future because I love it!}

Well, that was home. I am so looking forward to having a home we never need to move from {Lord willing of course}.

But, as much as I anticipate what our own home will look like, what I will design within it, and where it might be... I am reminded of our 5 years of renting houses and how much it didn't totally matter where we were, the House was only a Home when we made it be.

A House is made up of just walls, rooms, and floors. A Home is where memories, love, relationships, and warmth is made; it's where LiFe takes place- and THAT can be done anywhere.

I'm thankful the Lord has brought us to where we are today and I am hopeful and trusting He has yet to show us the House we can finally make our permanent Home.

Hope you're having a gReAt week!

Love, Me


  1. aww.. I so understand completely! My husband and I have been married 24 years this summer and we have moved almost that many times! Seriously. Between the US Navy and then ministry, we have never stayed in one house very long. I have truly learned that lesson about making it our home in whatever house we are living in. Some houses were hard to move from because we loved them so much but wherever we have lived, big or small, we made tons of memories while we were there.

    I pray you get a home of your own soon.
    I understand that longing myself.
    BUt I also pray that the Lord will continue to fill you with the joy of contentment in the waiting.

    loved seeing all your pics of the special and beautiful things you did to make your house feel so homey :)

  2. My rocking chair so sentimental and sweet!! You are so creative and talented! You made that home beautiful!!

  3. I'm impressed! We've lived in our home for 3 years....and I havent done half of what you have! :)


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