Monday, April 9, 2012

In Case You're Wondering...

I'm alive.


With 2 different Spring Break schedules & Easter stuff- life was pretty nuts around here for the past couple of weeks!

We enjoyed EVERY minute of it, but Mama is ready for school! haha!
Jack and I enjoyed a date at the park {just the two of us}, Pump It Up, a local zoo & Disneland {yes, both of those in one day}, and his FIRST trip to Legoland {just the two of us!}. It was a BLAST of a week and I think he thouroughly enjoyed his break. The poor kid has had a rough first year in school (and his school is not easy) with a new schedule and lots of homework- so I spoiled him :)

The girls have just finished their spring break and we had lots of fun little playdates with their preschool girlfriends & a mommy-date to our local Family Fun Center, Mulligan....

All that PLUS Easter festivities has made for one tired, but blessed, Mama!

Hope to post more later! Starting a new "challenge" with Women Living Well this week! I'll be back soon to give more details....

Love, Me


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