Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bye-Bye Brother!

I've never felt more weird about life until last weekend. If you're wondering why, read this. (towards the middle)

Kenny got married last Saturday.

It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so very happy for my little bro. His wife is very sweet and I know they will make it as a couple.

It's just so strange to go from being care-free kids together to having our own families & spouses. Granted, I got married 7 years ago and left him first....I guess as an older sister {Kenny probably doesn't care as much}, it's just like saying a final goodbye.

Goodbye to those childish ways and on to the real deal of life.

Goodbye to the many mindless joking & banter and on to more discussions on how to deal with financial hardships and newborn sleepless nights.

Goodbye to spur of the moment concerts & throwing parties while Dad is out of town {sorry Dad} and on to scheduling a month in advance for a time to hang out.

Goodbye to midnight singing & guitar sessions, dreaming of being rock stars.

Goodbye to being the person he needs to talk to about girls and struggles {that will actually be nice}

Goodbye to our innocense.

Goodbye to many things, things that at one time were taken far too much for granted.

In my own selfish thoughts- I want them back.

But then I would miss what is to come in this new chapter in his life. Being there in a different way for him, a more mature and perhaps even more meaningful way- as adults, spouses, and parents. As far as I can see it, it can only get better. It will be a "new normal" eventually. It makes me feel blessed to have a sibling I care so much about- a real friend. Congratulations Kenny & Ingrid Robertson!


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