Saturday, February 25, 2012

HuBBs' 30th Birthday PaRtY & Our 7th Anniversary!

It's sad that I have had this post waiting to finish up and post for over a week now- but life has been less than hectic around here. I feel like we've been in a twilight zone of up and down coughs/fevers/head colds and plain old sickness. Just when I thought it was over, one would wake up sick again....I am so over it! Seems like now 2 of the 3 are well, but my little Averie is having a hard time battling this. I will probably be at the Doctor's office Monday morning, demanding some antibiotics for her {tried over a week ago and He said she should tackle it herself- which I usually agree with but after 2 long weeks- nope!}

But anywho-What a weekend we had last week!! It was a long 4 daya off and even though we had the sickies with the children, and then the Hubbs & I also started to feel it from time to time (thankfully I got in for antibiotics right away to help), we still managed to have a very fun time.

The Lord kept us well enough to get through it and I'm so thankful because it really turned out to be a very memorable weekend for us.

The Hubbs turned 30 on the 18th, and we went to our favorite Irish Pub! This place has such delicious food! Then we stayed and danced the night away to some fun (loud) Irish music with the live band. So many wonderful friends came to help celebrate along with our family members. It was fUn- a night to remember for sure- some funny moments (my brother's ripped jeans) & some sweet moments (birthday slow dances for Mom & I).

Just being in a room full of people who care about my hubby, was so special to be a part of. He was so happy and I'm so glad I finally got a turn to make him happy as he makes me happy every single day and always goes out of his way to help me and support me. He usually claims to "not want to do anything" but this year I didn't let him get away with that and I'm so glad I didn't!
(pics to come soon- we didn't get many and most are on other people's cameras)

We celebrated 7 years of marriage on the 19th with my brother and his girlfriend. We went down to our favorite (most local) beach town, Carlsbad, in San Diego. We walked the beach, Went to dinner, Walked through the town, then ended at a local place for drinks. It was simple & fun. I can't believe we are at 7 years already. It has been a journey, and we have had some rough patches along the way {both still growing spiritually, raising 3 babies at once, learning about each others needs/desires, financial hardships, losing jobs, losing our home, losing loved ones, moving 5 times, etc}, but we fought and will continue to fight to keep our marriage Godly and healthy. We have come a long way in the past 2 years especially. The Lord continues to lead us & guide us as we battle our flesh and learn the worst & the best part about ourselves with one another. I actually joke and tell him that I feel like we are finally ready to marry and have children now. haha! Yes, it has been a journey and I am so very thankful to have my wonderful Husband who loves me for all my flaws and who continues to grow and change anything about himself to strengthen our marriage and lead our home.

He always puts up with my craziness- this picture is so horrible but it's so us, so I had to put it up here. I was laughing so hard because my brother kept asking Justin to look back at the camera, but Justin couldn't because I was in the way- and it was just an akward pose in general. {obviously} LOL For the record: I never thought this would turn into a snapshot worthy pose- I just felt like jumping on my hubby out of the blue.

Then, my little brother proposed to his girlfriend! It was so sweet and so special for me to get to be there as he made this huge life decision. My lil' brother & I are very close. It was always him & I growing up. Of course we had our days where we didn't get along & had sibling fights, but the majority of my childhood was spent playing with my little brother, Kenny. We have the same personalities and are always laughing when we get together.
Aren't they adorable :) She is the sweetest little thing and he is her gentle giant haha! {I just realized how true that statement is as I made it up}

He is near and dear to my heart and I am so proud of him for finding this great girl. We also just found out she is holding my new little nephew in her belly- I am so extremely excited beyond words for another nephew- I'm sure this little guy will bring back cherished memories of my baby brother {a squinty, brown-eyed-baby always on the go and into everything- but such a little lovey to me}
Congrats Kenny! Your sister loves you dearly.

Looking forward to many more years of celebrating with my wonderful Hubbs and now watching my little brother learn the ropes of parenting and marriage, being there when they need me. Life is GooD.

Love, Me

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  1. We had a blast celebrating Justin's birthday! Love all the pics of you two and of the proposal!! We love you guys! I love your writing!! You are so gifted and talented!!


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