Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekly Goals


I've recently been inspired by this sweet little blog called Alicia's Homemaking, where she mentions goals, recipes and shares about her journey as a Mom and Wife- alot of what I desire to do here at PaRty of 5 {just probably a way more crazy spin because, well, I am crazy}.

I love the idea of setting goals. In fact, this evening the kids and I read our Proverbs Book and talked about Ambition. I think I can naturally be pretty ambitious in a lot of areas, but I really want to become more ambitious in the stuff that, for the most part, does not come "naturally" {like meekness or self control to name a couple}. Just for fun, since I have so much extra time on my hands once those 3 little monsters angels go to sleep, I thought I would look up the best definition I could find for this word.

This was my favorite:

Ambition- strong desire for success, achievement, or distinction.

It would be wonderful if I could say I am ambitious in ALL areas of my life, but I'm pretty sure normal human beings can relate to the impossibility of that. I mean, how can one truly become successful without at least ONE failure? {true success is rising above failures, in my book}

So, this spoke to me in a way and I want to implement more ambitious qualities in my life- even in the areas I'm weak in {probably best place to start!} I guess I will start setting a weekly goal(s) and go from there. I'm going to try to put one goal on there that is challenging {I think meeting any goal while raising 3 crazy kids and maintaining a household is kudos enough!} So, for this week, here are my Top 5 Goals :)

Goals for the week:
1. Get to the gym twice (its been hard to get back on track after sickies)

2. Pray in-depth for my family at least once a day

3. Two homeschool sessions with the girls

4. Menu Plan for the next 2 weeks

5. Challenge Goal- Read the word each day. {I know you're so shocked to find out this is my challenge- that I'm not spiritual enough to read the Bible everyday- it's ok, God still loves me! haha}

I'll be back on the following Monday to post how the week went. {yes, I know it's Tuesday already but I'm being ambitious remember?} I'm sure, soon, I will try more goals in a week but for now 5 is a good start!

fUn? :) thanks for the idea Alicia! (she has no idea who I even am or that I wrote this LOL- is that scary? beauty of blogland I guess?!)

Do you set goals? What is your biggest struggle/distraction in achieving them?



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