Friday, March 2, 2012

I Demand A Do Over!

The Month of February was difficult. We have never been so sick! We must have played "pass the flu" around here for at least 3 weeks! Horrible.

I'm thankful for the little "sessions" of being just well enough to not miss out on the big things like Justin's 30th Party, Anniversary, and a Mat Kearney show we planned a couple of months ago. But, still, through even those little celebrations we missed out on so many other weekly/daily life things- like CHURCH {hate missing church}, Bible Studies, School (girls missed 1 1/2 weeks of preK), Family Game nights.... such a bummer!
Good news is- we seem to be heading toward wellness now and I am looking forward to a NEW month.

St. Patrick's and Spring Time, oh my! Yay for March! I totally failed on the Photo-A-Day Challenge in February too, so I'm hoping I can try again this month. I feel like LIFE is back- such a great reminder to be thankful for good health! Thank You, Lord!

So here is the list for March's Photo-A-Day Challenge, Courtesy of Fat Mum Slim of course :)
Looks FuN :) I hope I do it this month! I think I took a total of ohh 4 pictures in February? pit.i.FUL.


  1. Colleenie! So sorry the fam was so sick! :( Glad to hear you are all on the road to recovery! Happy Bday Justin and Happy Anniversary to you both! Such cute pics of you heart is so happy to see that through it all you guys are allowing God to continue to work in you and strengthen your marriage...awesome and inspiring! Congrats to your brother on his engagment and newest little bundle! Some exciting things coming your way! Love you and miss you! :)

    Melissa D.

    1. Hey Melissa! Thank you!! love & miss you too little hot tamale ;) Hope you guys are doing great!! (email me an update, it's been too long!)


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