Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo-A-DaY ChaLLenGe!

So I just stopped by The House of Smiths {lOvE it} and found this post.

What a sWell idea, right?!

So I'm thinking of taking the challenge and going with this photo-a-day concept for tWo reasons:

1) I am horrible at taking photos {my mom overwhelmed me with it growing up}

2) TiMe is so PrEciouS! I really hate to miss the little things and I think this is a great way to capture at least a tiny bit of our life- even if the picture is of my foot- it's still capturing something and will spark up a memory right?
{or more so make me realize I needed a pedicure that day}

But, LiFe is GooD, yes? Just the fact that we are God's creation and have been given life is amazing to think about even in our simplest mindsets {however, not so simple, last time I checked I couldn't create a living person-technically-I mean we made/gave birth to our children but He helped in that quite a bit lol }

So, I will be posting my photo-a-day here on my teeny-tiny piece of blogland. Hope you follow along and perhaps join in on the fUn with your OWN photos! I'd lOvE to see them!

Also, Head over to where this all started, at Fat Mum Slim to see the list for February and join in!

Then, don't forget to check out Shelley's adorable pics over on her blogland at, The House of Smiths! fUn stUff!

Here is my first Picture of the month {yes, I realize it's the 3rd already so I'm just starting there}


{of course I picked the hand with my dirty wedding ring on it because I'm sappy like that...and please don't look to closely at my nails *blushes* hehe}

I'll be back soon with a few organizing projects I've done recently- stay tuned if you'd like :)

Love, Me


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you are joining in the fun! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world too! certainly is encouraging to find other believers in blog land! Good stuff!!
    ps. You have me worried with the "my mom overwhelmed me with it growing up" comment about taking pictures! My poor girls always had a picture taken of everything ...and I'm even worse with my GRANDKIDS!!! :0

    1. Hi Stephanie! You know what- it's great that there were so many pictures of us, but the overwhelming part is not knowing where they all went! So now I am super cautious on taking too many pictures, just to take them and not DO anything with them- you know? I get a little spazed out thinking about pictures being in some box somewhere {or now on hard drives}. I lOvE pictures :) I bet your grandkids and daughters love all those pictures you take!!


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