Thursday, February 9, 2012


{I'm hiding}

Apparently this blog is my hiding place {not literally, of course I have the Lord}. This blog is helping me keep sane.


Today has just been one of those days of motherhood where every minute is a self-LESS one. *deep breaths*

It all started with last nights message at church on Self-Control. Greeeeeeat. Anytime we find an area we seek God's help with, He never fails to put us to the test. So of course today was a day of non-stop need for self control.

Starting at 9am. Went to help in Jacks class with some paper work. I do this every other Thursday for his teacher-she totally rocks and deserves the help- I love helping his class. But today I got asked to cut 1,000 leaves by hand and I needed to get it done in less than 1 hour if I wanted to get to the gym {ya know, its ok for us Mom's to do something for our health... right?}. Well, I ended up doing what I always do....I started and couldn't stop until it was done. Which meant, staying almost 2 hours. I thought to myself "it's ok, you can still rush to the gym and at least run on the treadmil for 30 minutes before picking up the twins". Got back to the class, handed the teacher the ziploc full of freshly cut leaves, all 1,000 of them, and went to go say good-bye to Jack on the playground.

Well, God had other plans for my day. I finally found him on the basketball court (where most boys are playing) and he had his arms crossed across his chest {his famous pouting/upset technique}. I stood back to see what was going on- I didn't want him to see me.

Apparently his feelings were hurt and he was telling another classmate why he was upset and then he started to cry...this is where I almost had that wonder-woman-ish mommy moment of saving the day and coming to my little baby boy's rescue...but I didn't. I waited to see what would happen next. Sure enough, he just started crying harder.

As he looked up, I was standing a little ways in front of him and motioned with my hands to come over to see me. His face was priceless. He was so relieved that I was there and he was so in need of a hug from Mom. As I held him he told me "They wouldn't pick me for soccer (2nd grader boys being "big kids") and I was standing right there!" then he went on to say "I just don't feel good, I (sob) wanna (sob) go (sob) home Mama". *heart sinks to my ankles* Of COURSE I took my baby home. But not until we went back to those kids and got a good understanding on how to treat one another! {the kids were actually very sweet to Jack}

So, forget the gym, Mommy needed to be with her one and only son today.
So I did what any other mom would do when their child is sick- we went home and I made him lay in bed, do nothing, and eat soup the rest of the day....sort of.....we went to McDonalds and I got him a treat first :)

This taught me that although I might make some great plans for my day, God will always have His plan as well and I need to be sensitive to the Spirit within me. Missing the gym today was hard because it's the first day I've missed in 25 days. But, I had a better blessing today and got to be there for my sweet little boy.

We've always had a special bond, him & I :)

Love you so much Jack-Jack

Should mention the day ended with a BIG 'ol bite mark on Aislinn's leg from her dear little monster-sister Averie. What is with my 5 year old biting all of the sudden?! Needless to say, that little girl went to bed 30 minutes before everyone else for it. {which is when I decided to come hide here and vent} She was also sound asleep within 5 minutes, so I think that was a divine appointment for her and ME. lol.

Looking forward to another day in Motherhood tomorrow- it's like a box of chocolates...."you never know what you're gonna get" {I personally thought that movie was ridiculous and think I just earned a big cheese-ball award for repeating that! lol}



  1. awww love that picture of you two when he was a baby :) I know what you often our days are not our own...and when I submit and realize it and go with the flow....they turn out so much better than fighting it. :)

    By the are AWESOME for cutting out 1,000 leaves by hand!!!!

    1. Thanks!! I know, it's so much better to go with the flow while mothering our children. It goes so fast anyway! :) xo


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