Monday, February 13, 2012

Sickies Round 2!

Such a bummer when the little ones get sick! Seems like all 3 of the kiddos have a cough- Aislinn was hit the hardest with an on/off fever the past few days.

I even got a sore throat and some {fun} body aches yesterday.

Ugh. Just praying God heals us before our fun-filled busy weekend this week!
So much planned this 4 day weekend, it will stink to have to cancel anything.

My prayer for today:
Lord, please surround our home with your healing hands. Help our bodies to be strong enough to fight off this bug and keep us healthy. I pray your will be done for all of our plans, and help me to have a good attitude when things may not go *my* way. Continue to work, lead, guide, and bless our little family. Help us remain in the Spirit regardless of our circumstances. I pray for a special touch of healing on Aislinn, help her little immune system fight and please heal her quick. Protect the rest of us from illness. Thank you for loving us, for dying for us, and for always wanting the best for us. We love you so much. Amen.

Time for a tall order of hot water with lemon & honey.


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