Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My new found loVe & a Giveaway

I lOvE yoga.

I feel empowered and relaxed all at the same time- it's amazing. Every mother, neeDs yoga! I also use it as a prayer time and reflecting on the many blessings my 3 crazy children fog up for me sometimes {even though they are the 3 biggest blessings of it all}. Let me tell you- this has been hUgE in keeping me balanced {literally- my falling over on the ground is even getting better!}. Thank you JeSuS, for yoga :)

Anywho- when I got home from yoga today I found this great giveaway on a sWell blog Perfectly Imperfect.
Head over there to check this place out! I was just about drooling over some of their goodies on there. And if you're a Cali girl to the cOre as much as I am, you must agree that there is no greater testimony of God's beautiful creation than when you're sitting right on the sand watching His waves in the ocean. Sounds a bit extreme, but it's pretty much one of my favoritest places to be!

Here were a few of my favorties from Cottage Costal
Isn't this adorable and so sweet?! Especially to put out at Valentine's- but neutral enough to leave out year round! lOvE it.
These frames make me feel all warm inside- I love the vintage vibe I get from these- and circular frames are so much more fUn!

This pillow is probably my absolute favorite. It just makes me smile.

This is pretty much 2nd place- anyone who knows me well enough, knows my deep obsession passion for tReeS! {which is horrible because I hate to see them get chopped down but I love the natural beauty of them in my home!}

Hope you swing by Perfectly Imperfect and enter to win this great giveaway!

Have a sWell week!
Love, Me


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! That is so kind & appreciated! (and I need to get back into yoga as well! totally agree)....All my best. Kim

    1. Kim- your store is so GREAT! Thanks to YOU for that great giveaway!! :) and yay for yoga! hehe

  2. I just found your blog via I Heart Organizing. Those circular frames are lovely!! I enjoy finding frames in unusual shapes.... thrift stores or estate sales are the best place! I've never tried yoga, but I have heard wonderful things about doing it. I'm off to peek around your site...

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for stopping by my teeny little blog :) Don't you just lOvE I Heart Organizing?! I'm just getting started in blogland- so much fUn! And yes, thrift stores/estate sales are so great for random finds- wished we had more of them around my area!
      Hope you're doing great, stop by anytime!


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