Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gym Time Funnies...

Trying to get-in-SHAPE, so I have recently (like last week, I think) signed up for the gym! I have had a gym membership before, but never with childcare so I wasn't very successful with going because, well, I have kids at home still! I thought I'd be super woman and go early in the mornings before my hubbs went to work (like 5am, no biggie right?) Major FAIL- duh!

So, this time around, I was able to get the membership with childcare! And let me tell you- I have no excuse anymore not to go! It's HORRIBLE! I've been every single day since I signed up {excluding Sunday because I'm really super spiritual and give that time to God & my family *wink*- no but seriously Sunday is family day!}

I hope I can keep it up, I really do. The whole "I just had twins" excuse has long worn off {their 5 now Colleen, practically off to college}. Which, by the way, the twins totally blew my other excuse of thinking the childcare at the gym would be horrible and boring for my high functioning, intellectual, spaztastic wonderful children- the girls' love it! Man! I am running out of excuses and now just need to DO IT.

I almost didn't go today, I waited until the last possible time to go {when hubbs got home} dragging my feet. But I went! And although the stationary bouncing {striding? gliding?} on the elliptical was as much of a blast as getting a root canal, the view & people watching was quite entertaining.
I'll never be one to judge, honestly, but sometimes I'm just really observant. And tonight during my observations I realized it must have been "SMS" and "LBC" night at the gym {keep in mind, I've been hanging with the morning peeps now days}.

What's that? You've never heard of the SMS or the LBC group? The Small Man Syndrome and Little Boy Crew? I'm sure you have! They walk the gym with their chests abnormally high and their calf muscles constantly flexed. Each group walk with great posture- it's fascinating. One LBC member was even running up and down the main staircase {smack in the middle of the gym so that people like me can get to the cardio machines} bouncing on one foot. I was just praying the poor boy didn't face plant right there on the stairs! I was having one of those Mom-moments where our body tenses up as we're watching one of our kiddos about to get hurt and can't do anything about it....he actually did quite well and no injuries were had {he must have been LBC captain or something}
If nothing else, these groups made me realize two things about "the gym" 1) a lot of gym people are dying for attention, and 2) I'm not an evening gym type of person. I'd much rather be with my old lady friends and soccer moms in the yoga & aqua fit classes!

But thank you, SMS and LBC members for helping me get through my 40 minutes of cardio tonight :)

Love, Me

Be back soon with a new organizing tip! :)


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