Thursday, January 19, 2012

AiSlinn & AvErie's Birthday PaRtY :)

It was a gReAt time- the girls' had so much fUn. We went to Pump It Up, a place the girls' have been so excited to go to. They have 2 rooms of fun jumpers with obstacles, basketball, boxing, slides- tons of fun! Parents get to go in too {you betcha I was in there!}

Here they are watching the "Rules" video before going serious ;)

Then off they went in a line to the back jumpy rooms!

We got right in there with a fun obstacle race!

I was looking forward to playing as much as they were :)

Here is the other side of the room- with basketball in the back, and boxing on the left....

Of course this is where big bro hung out most with his little buddy...

Great friends & fUn times were had.

Then something happened.....*insert spooky, mysterious music here*

{bare with me on the pictures, as usual, just tilt your head and squint- usually works out great then}

*notice my little angel Averie sitting in the chair to the very right, a little bummed out :(

Ever throw a birthday PaRtY and the night before try to think of anything that could go wrong to eliminate any surprises on the day OF the party?

This year there was just something I would have never thought could go wrong.

Like, oh I don't know..... A Power Outage?!. At a Jumpy Place!!. (yes, those jumpers are deflating- see the one on the right? they all came down! haha thankfully kids were rescued quickly and there were no tears or injuries!)

It was pretty crazy, but we were still having a good time- just had to get a little creative real quick! Threw in a couple of games to keep kids from going nuts (it was also pretty dark in there- thank God they had a sun roof in the middle of the building!), and we ended up using the rock wall a bunch.

Then presents (which would usually have been in the party room, but there were no lights on in there!)

Then we went into the next room and the wonderful staff set up our table beautifully (I wrote lots of notes haha- this is my favorite part of a PaRtY!
{again, pictures are so horrible- someday I promise myself to fix this}

The fUn little PaRtY favors..."Snowflake Soup" and Snowflake Lollipops

After cupcakes, a miracle happened....

The owner {such a nice guy} borrowed a generator from a neighbor and got the BIG SLIDE up!
It was the perfect ending to this somewhat of a surprise party :)

Ya know, this party made me realize so much about LiFe. For one, my girls lOvEd their party, didn't even shed a tear {and they have been looking forward to bouncing for so long, bless their hearts}.

Aislinn & Averie were so happy to have their friends there and spend time with them, that the fact that the whole party got turned upside down and went nothing like we had expected or hoped...these two had a heart of gold.
Such a good reminder to me to always keep an open mind and be gracious. I can "sweat the small stuff" so often, I forget that my plan isn't always God's plan. We should show mercy, compassion, and have a good attitude even through chaos and when life isn't going OUR way.

I was thankful for this learning experience and I'm so blessed to have such sweet, precious little twin girls to humble me :)

Hope you made it through this long one! See ya'll soon!

Love, Me


  1. Hi Colleen,,,enjoyed reading your blog about the girls birthday party...Looks like you had a great time inspite of all the glitches.Loved all the cute pictures, party decorations and Mom's nowadays go all creative. Happy Belated Birthday Girls !!! (Oh and thanks for the reminder to show mercy, compassion and a good attitude when things don't go according to our plans....ANOTHER little something God needs to work on in my life..:) Have a blessed day...

  2. Amazing party my friend! Bittersweet for me because I love your parties and love your girls and I'm sad this was the first time we weren't there to celebrate :( But, you are still an awesome mommy and party planner...always going above and beyond! It's no surprise that your girls had such gracious attitudes...they have great parents that ultimately know that God is in control! It was a great reminder, indeed!

    Loved reading this post and seeing how big the girls are getting...miss you!

    P.S. I love your blog!! I read it every chance I get...marked in my faves! ;)

    1. Melissa!! You made me tear up a bit... :( Miss you lots- especially at birthday parties! I've learned so much from YOU ya know ;) So glad you're reading along, I have no clue what I'm doing lol
      Love ya friend


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