Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter FuN part II

Man, this is a busy time of year isn't it?! It seems the older my children get, the busier we become! Such is fitting for every home, I'm sure!

My oldest {Jack} isn't out of school until tomorrow so it's been a little hard to squeeze in Christmasy stuff {homework time, early bedtime so I don't have a monster on my hands in the early mornings}. But, we did get to go to a fUn family event at his school on Friday- A Winter Wonderland was the theme and they even brought in SnOw! {the valleys of So. Cal are never greeted with snow in the winter}

We waited in line for the hay barrel pile MoUntAin of Snow for the sled ride. My kids FIRST time on a sled {I know- that's sad}.
With the looks on these faces, we better get up to mountains this year to go again!

{my youngest chickened out- but then after seeing these two she wanted to go-being the wonderful mother that I am, I told her there was no way I was waiting in the line again....I know, BAD mommy! It was very WiNdY though, ReAlly windy- and we were at the end of our stay. But now, we HAVE to go up to the snow so she can sled- I promised *sigh*}
How could I ever tell this fAcE, "No"? Sweet little girl.

Hope you're all enjoying the Christmasy stuff this week! We have Christmas light night planned, {more} cookie baking/decorating, 2 PaRtiEs left, homeade cocoa night, and a trip to our little historic Old Town {hopefully}.
Yay! Let's see if we get to all that....

Until then- it's still laundry, school pick-up, and organizing our bedrooms {so chaotic in there right now!}

And I am beginning the organizing with these, before the girls' birthday arrives {more to come on that}

Be Back SoOn! ;)


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