Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter FuN!

Happy Friday LoVeLy's!!

Wanted to quickly put up some horrible pics of my little CuTiEs making their Peppermint Playdoh for classmate friends. It was so fUn and so eAsy!!

The girls helped with a lot of the process, which is the BeSt part about this gift idea! Didn't get any kitchen shots, but they sure did lOvE helping me knead it out once it was done on the stove. SmELLs so good! {i dislike normal playdoh smell}

{jammies all day of course}

Shoving it in jars was a lot of fUn too!

Then we labeled them up with Mod Podge {my job}.

Thanks a bUnCh, The Idea Room, for a gReaT recipe and class gift idea. Their friends lOvEd them!

Did you do for class gifts this year? {my sons getting simple candy cane treats because a class of 24 is just too much for this crazy mama!}

8 Days LeFt! {yikes}

Love, Me


  1. Yay! They all turned out so great! I am so glad you enjoyed making this with your girls. Thank you so much for the links and the kind words! And thanks for sharing it with me!

  2. @Amy {The Idea Room} Thanks again Amy!! Really love checking in over at The Idea Room ;)


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