Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Card FAIL...

So, for some reason when I bought my cards {from Hallmark, before Thanksgiving- yeah I was so on-top-of-it} I thought 18 would be enough. And, actually, in all honesty it isn't too far from what I generally need {I mainly send to my close relatives}. But 18 was not even close to enough. I realized something this year....

I want to send out more cards. I lOvE cards {making, writing, mailing, even stamping!}. I look forward to a trip to my local post office {yeah, I'm an old soul}. So NeXt year- you just might be getting a card from us! ;)

So, to make up for this year's FAIL and because I just lOvE it, {afterall, what's a party without an amazing card or invite?! to me it's a deal breaker} I'm posting it here for ALL to see! :)

Our picture this year for our Family Christmas Card/Letter

And our letter: {for those who really care- I honestly get mixed emotions when I write these....I feel sorta braggy?? I dunno. I'm weird. As we know}

The Buck Yearly
We are still alive and well! I can’t even remember our last update, but that’s ok, we’ll start here in 2011. What a year it has been– so many new things and changes took place this year. I feel like I have aged 10 years through surviving this year. But, I can’t complain because we are healthy, thriving, and blessed! Where to begin? Having kids at 6 & 4 is so incredibly fun! It’s this new part of our lives where we can have in-depth conversations with our kids, learn SO much about their personality, and see them learn more about life in every aspect- school, faith, relationships, choices, etc. I am sad to see 2012 come so quickly...Can’t believe the girls, my babies, will be 5 years old! Speaking of the kids, let’s review their little world in a nutshell real quick-
Jack: Still sweet, sensitive, caring, gentle, compassionate, silly, and smart….just with less teeth! He has lost 6 teeth so far and has beautiful big teeth coming in that add to his cute little face and make him look so grown up! He loves his Xbox games and LEGOs. He has been enjoying the first grade and his teacher is totally awesome. He got “Best Citizenship” award during his first quarter of school– which made us so proud! He is full of wonderful character and God is definitely forming him into a strong believer and follower of Christ.
Aislinn– Sometimes sassy but usually sweet, and ALWAYS silly! This girl has a fire in her that I see God using for so much good! She is very opinionated but also eager to learn about everything. She is bold for Jesus and is passionate about others– always making new friends. She is doing great in preschool, but she wants to move on already. Aislinn has always been a few steps ahead of herself– wished she would just slow down and stay my baby forever. But of course she often reminds me she is NOT a baby anymore. We’re looking into a dance class for her this coming year...hip-hop! And she has some good moves! She loves to sing and dance!
Averie– The baby. She knows it, we all know it. This girl loves to be loved. She is sensitive, so incredibly giving and caring to her brother and sister, and always carries her stuffed “piggy”. Averie has grown into a huge animal lover this year– she LOVES her doggie, “Maxie-Boy”, who we got in the Spring for Father’s Day. She is already asking for another dog but her request is for a golden retriever that’s little like a Chihuahua– not sure she’ll ever see those breeds cross! She loves to dance ballet and her favorite color is purple. Everything needs to be purple! She is a sweetie.
Justin & I– We are doing great. We have been doing a financial class with Dave Ramsey, which really couldn’t have come at a better time in our lives as we’re living with my Mom and saving for a house. We have moved over to a great family-based church and Justin is branching out into ministry with the technology stuff (of course). I am excited to see how we grow within this new church and as a couple. I am busy with school stuff for the kids and have dug deeper in my creative roots and have started crafting more. I am recording my journey with that on my blog ( if you want to follow along. Our prayer for 2012 is to settle into our permanent family home. Not sure what the Lord has for us or where he’ll take us, but I’m excited for this new chapter in our life.
Merry Christmas & Much Love to You All!
*Justin, Colleen, Jack, Aislinn, & Averie*

I try so hard to make it short and sweet, but it's always just barely fitting on one page! haha {hence the new blog addition for further ramblings}

Anyone else have that problem?! {my kids must be way too incredible}
My grandparents {bless their little hearts} have mentioned I need to use bigger font- but what they don't realize is I would be sending a short-story length paper if I did anything higher than like 12pt LOL I think this letter was 11pt. {Poor Old Folks}

Anywhooooo {that word is funner to sing in high pitch by the way- try it}
Wait...Is "funner" even a word?!! We totally need to make it one.
I use it far too much {but I correct my kids when they say it *insert snorty chuckle*} :)

Ok, Two posts in one day?!- WoW. This means two possible assumptions- 1) I totally know how to sneak away during kids movie/snack time multi-task or 2) my kids are just that awesome today. Eh. I'm not going to give that answer away ;)

Time for DINNER.



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