Saturday, August 11, 2012

My 1 Month Post

Looks as thought today makes it a full month since my last post- I actually think I like the idea of just posting once a month for now, although they will probably be pretty long if I want to mention every detail of our month! Eh, that's alright.

This past month has been loaded with summer fun! It seems like it all picked up right after July 4th....

Lots of Disneyland!

And Jack finally got picked for the Jedi Training Show! He was so excited, but a little afraid too- I love this nervous face of his :)

Swimming in Our Red-Neck Pool :)

A Trip to our Favorite Local Zoo with Great New Friends!

One on One Dates With Daddy!

Averie Got Breakfast (and had to wear a dress)

Jack had a Lunch Date & BB Gun Time

Aislinn Insisted on a Dinner Date (like Mommy gets- she even did nail polish for him & dressed up in her Sunday School Finest- she kills me!)

Late Night VBS (we did a total of THREE this year- jeesh!) And yes, it was the awesome sort of VBS staff that hyped our kids all up on sugar before they went home! So fun!

That's only about HALF of our Summer adventures over the past month- I'll post more on the next post :) like ONE week countdown until Back to School! Crazy!


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