Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Psss...Don't Look At the Date!

Alright, Alright....so it's almost July. Who knew?! Time flies with summer break I tell ya! We have been having OOOdles of fun and it wouldn't be honest for me not to mention- I'M TIRED. Thanks to goodness for swimming pools, my new found love {crochet}, and VBS or I would be pulling my hair out with trying to keep my 3 crazies entertained all day! Hope to be checking in again soon {as if anyone really cares but me! haha!} Love, ME (Colleen)


  1. I was JUST thinking today that you haven't written anything in a while. Wondered where you went... Glad you guys are having fun on summer break!

    1. Thanks for checking in!! :) What are you all up to for Summer?


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