Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Resolution Anyone?

I very much dislike them. I never-ever-ever stick with it {rebellious nature}. So this year I tried something a little different.

I made my husband keep one with me :) "Together is better", I told him! And it had to be simple....very simple. We came up with just a little {yet huge}reminder....

With our kids, in church, with each other, in families, everywhere, and as much as possible.

I know life is short, but there is still so much time in our days that we could use more wisely. With my youngest(s) now turning 5, it's hitting me. Time is far too valuable to waste, yes?
I pray I can be a better ME so that in return I can be a better WiFe, MoM, and fRienD.

That's it. Yep. I better not fail this one!

And just to note: I do have many other little "goals" for this year too, mainly just trying to keep myself healthy and spend more time on ME- that's so selfish sounding, but honestly, I can become too comfortable with giving my kids everything and leaving my health {womanhood} aside and it just isn't good. I think I need a slight focus/balance change so that I can become even beTTer in other areas. We'll see how long the guilt subsides on this, at least now I have 2 days a week where the kids don't need me (school)- so I'm starting there.

Anywhooooo...I'll be back soon with PaRtY details! YaY!

Love, Me


  1. I love this blog!! You're so funny and honest!! :) Love your resloutions as well!

    What's mine you ask? Well I was listening to Bill Johnson a few days ago (before 2012) and he said something along the lines of "If we don't like other people or love others people, how can we call ourselves lovers of Christ? Loving Jesus automatically makes you want to love and serve others." I want to love others more and it made me examine my relationship with God. There are so many times that we have opportunities to love on people and bless them, yet we pass them up because of our own selfish ways! So, I my resolution is to pray daily that I have a chance to love people. :) Oh, and also, I need a pedicure. LOL

  2. Hi Kristy!! :) That sounds like a gReaT resolution- I need to work on that as well! I can be such a grump sometimes {mainly with my family}
    Thanks for sharing!
    p.s. I desperately need a pedi too! lol


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