Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Official.

We have 5 year old twins! Yikes! It's so crazy to think about. I still can't get these little faces out of my head....

Look at those ChUbbErs!! {Squeeeeeeze} :)

We had a great day celebrating these two angels....
Beginning with random food choices lunch at the MaLL {rare visiting place for us}

Then A special surprise visit to Build-A-Bear!!

Averie picked her Doggy {no surprise for my little animal lover}

Aislinn went with a Koala Bear {she always surprises me, love it!}

Even the Big BrO got a Bear! {he's been wanting to go the longest} Of course it's black and is wearing a Jedhi Outfit {who knows, I thought it was Yoda but I stood corrected by my 6 year old that it was NOT Yoda at all- it was Luke Skywalker's sorry son}

Playing Dress-Up was loads of fUn!

{Aislinn changed her outfit at least 4 times!}

Then we gave them ALL names: "Daddy Bear" {Jack's}, "Justine" {Aislinn's girl version for her Daddy- Justin...what about Mom people?! jeesh!}, and Averie's is "Rumpel" {yeah, she's creative like that}

It was SOO worth the time, energy, and expense! The kids just lOvE their special new little bUddiEs :)

Then it was off to Frozen Yogurt! {our birthday tradition}

Now, Mama needs a nap! But, off to make a special birthday dinner for the little beauties :) {while Daddy naps, of course!}

Happy New Year!!


{We had a blast, just the two of us, at a favorite Irish Pub- first New Years out together, EVER!}

Love, Me


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