Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I finally finished (awhile ago)

So, since we are not home owners at this time, I have been torn on what to do for my kid's rooms. It was hard to beat our "Little Monkey Jungle" playroom we had at our other home and the girl's "Modern Butterfly" room was such a great and sentimental room (painting and decorating it while pregnant with the twins).

I tried to make their rooms somthing a little more special while we are here (without going over board--since we do not own this place). Here is what I did!
Obviously, Jack had the Thomas Train room and the twins have a garden/bird room...
I have also had the pleasure of painting some friends rooms as well, for their little ones. Birds seem to be the "in thing" with little girls!

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  1. SOOOO CUTE! You are so talented! I still owe you pics of Sage's room. We are in LOVE with it! you did such a great job!


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