Saturday, June 14, 2008

Family trip to Sea World

We headed out to Sea World today since our passes are ending soon...we decided to just take the whole family. We have NEVER taken all 3 children to an amusement park or anything of a sort. But, we woke up feeling brave and bored, so we took on the challenge!

We started with Shamu (of course!) the girls loved seeing them swim in the water.

Aislinn with Daddy

The only face I can get from Averie is her looking at someone else! She is such a people watcher!

I actually thought this one was cute of Jack, because he is over there in awe of these killer whales swimming above his little self.

We then thought it would be cool to start off watching the Shamu show, we still have yet to see it anyways. Well, that show was way too slow for our 3 toddlers! We lasted the first 15 minutes (barely!)....but here are some shots of us being crazy bored in the stands waiting as patiently as we could for it to start!

Then off to play! the "Bay of Play" with Elmo feature was fun...

Jack went off with Dad while the girls and I hung out in the toddler area.

Going home!

It was a rather short trip, but it went well. Another busy, crazy, wonderful day in the Buck family! (and excuse my lense was kind of dirty, I need a new camera so bad!)

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