Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Mommy and Jack Day" at the BIG Horse Feed in Temecula

That word "big" in the title of this farm needed to be expressed, these horses were huge! I honestly don't think I have ever seen one quite this big before. Jack was afraid of them, but toward the end of the day, he got a little closer to the them. At one point, the horse started to squat a little (at the same time Jack was going near) and I realized that this thing was about to pee! These horses do not just let out a little "tinkle" either, it was a GUSH of urine and I sprinted behind Jack and swept him away from the horse just in time. It was so gross!!! Jack just looked at me with his cute innocent nature and said "horsey go potty!". He was excited for the horse because when he goes potty at home, we all dance with excitement. It was cute to see his correlation.

There was a really neat maze made out of hay stacks that Jack really enjoyed. He was good at it too!

We ended our farm adventure with petting the baby goats (which Jack really liked) and saying "night-night" to the pot belly pigs. Oh and of course, a chocolate milk for "Mommy's Coffee Place" a.k.a. Starbucks. It just wouldn't have been a complete outing without that!

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  1. How fun! Was this with TM&WOF? Let's meet there one day, Sage would LOVE it!


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