Thursday, October 18, 2007

And the "fun" never ends...

*You are cordially invited to "My Pitty Party"*

Averie woke up with a gushing face...eyes, nose, mouth (drool is as always). So now I get to play the game of "keep away twin sister (who she spends every waking hour with) and big brother, so we do not have to pay a 100 dollar Dr. bill for 3 babies with colds!" *sigh*
It is days like today---when Jack has not one nice thing to say and wants to be held constantly (its adorable, but only until one or both girls needs me)--- that I wonder how on earth "God never gives us more than we can handle". I do not undestimate the Lord, but it seems like the more I pray for strength and patience, the more I get weak and impatient. It is a rather annoying process actually.
Where do I begin to balance it all? Sometimes I just would like to say "forget it, I can't please everyone" But then I realize that I am more of a fighter than that and can not submit to that sort of lazyness. My very nature is what haunts me as a mother and wife because I set high expectations of myself; never quit, always honest, perfectionist, and down right anal at times.
I need to learn where to draw the line for my own sanity and the sake of my family.
I am in the very early learning process right now.
So here is my list of what is important in my life:
1) The Lord, who needs to be above all else
2) My husband
3) My babies--that they are in a loving, structured environment
4) Ministry

That is all...seems so easy when looking at it on the screen! Maybe it is easy and I just have the tendency to make it all harder than it has to be? Yep, that's it


  1. Hey Buck''s the leyvaclan!!! It's good to see that your walking close with the Lord. God is good!!! Your family is beautiful.....

  2. Life is always easier on paper. There are no tantrums, runny noses, coughs, or blow outs on paper! :)


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