Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Been Too LoNg

I have been wanting to post so badly, for the past few days. Life is busy. I'm trying to implement this new bedtime schedule {for me, actually lol} and it's killing me to go to bed before 10pm! But, it's healthier and it's better for ME (which is what I'm trying to keep in mind more now).

So, I do have a post coming up on that "shelf" I mentioned on the last post.

Also, working on my kiddos room with some new organzing ideas {nothing real original, just practical}.

Hope to be back this evening with the better looking version of this...
And how it all began :) {I have a story for everything it seems}

Oh and for TaStY Tuesday- I want to share with you this recipe I found from my most favorite place in webworld, Southern Plate, but the recipe is from her friend at Southern Bite. This dish is quite yummy!

Mexican Chicken Casserole check it out "ya'll" haha {just let this valley girl pretend ok!}
I also goofed on this recipe the first time and added curry instead of "cumin" LOL but you know what, I loved it! {I know, I'm odd}

Anywho, I just loVe that wonderful lady, Miss Christy. She is so smart and I love her down-to-earth nature {she also lives back south (duh) where I secretly long to be sometimes}. She always has a story :)

Alrighty, Be back soon peeps!


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