Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm Such a KiD!

I can't wait to open presents! Not mine of course...Theirs! I dislike the waiting period of those few short days before Christmas. This year is going to RoCk too. We usually do not get many gifts for our kids {we keep it simple}. But this year, it was SO much easier {and more fun} to buy them gifts.

They're at that age where they know for SuRe what they want and that just gives my analytical brain a {much needed} break from the guess work! My mom and I {literally} shopped 'till we dRoPpEd last night. It was FuN and I think I finally closed my eyes around 1:30-2am this morning. So tired, but SO worth it!

The gift I'm looking forward to giving out most is a LEGO table for this guy:

And maybe for somewhat selfish reasons because you see, he lOvEs LEGOS and he leaves them out EvErYwHeRe and I just {love} stepping on them. They hurt! We need to do some amazing storing for his LEGO fetish, and when we move and he has his own room or playroom- I would lOvE to do something like this from iHeart Organizing!

Isn't that FaBuLouS?! Right now, he doesn't have near that many LEGOS, but I know he will eventually. So perhaps we will tackle this in the near future. For now, I'm excited to just give hime a SpAcE to play with them and put them away in! I hope he enjoys it as much as I will enjoy less LEGOs between my toes in the rug.

And this is my "Barbie" fetish girl, who is 4 going on 14 :(
{can you tell?} Miss Silly Sass Girl. I really dislike Barbie and pretty much refuse to buy the dolls for her. But I was able to find this purse with girly accessories that says Barbie. So that will have to do! And Mimi (grandma) got her a Barbie guitar too- which I'm sure will bring the *scream* factor this year.

Then that leaves this little sweetie, the "all things AniMaL" lover:

She was the easiest to shop for- she loves it ALL but her favorite things are little animals, especially Piggies. It all started with this lil guy/girl {still not sure} cUtiE Piggie.
{so filthy!}

So I grabbed a couple of those TeaCup Piggies. SOOO CuTe! She is going to FLiP! And they're purple, her absolute FaVe color {squeal!}

What gifts did your little ones ask for this year? If you're impatient like me and just NeeD to tell someone, feel free to spill the beans HERE! :)

Only 3 Days Left! woohoo!


  1. Seamus has been asking for a "zombie airplane, with real zombies that eat the brains of the guys in the airplane."

    ...Really, Seamus, REALLY!? hahaha

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    Happy holidays!! :)


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