Monday, November 21, 2011

"To Blog or Not to Blog...

THAT is the question"

I feel like facebook has become more of a place to share stories/quotes/random comments/pics with family....but then I also feel as if facebook is a HUGE distraction, because I can't just get on and post what I want, I *must* check on all my friends & families too- and then I look at the clock and I swear it had only been 10 minutes but find I wasted (that's a little harsh because I do care about those people) a whole HOUR.

So then I got to thinking....
This is probably the best place to be random, post pics, share projects, and stay on track without distractions.

I can be very easily distracted. I also get bored way too easily. Thank God for 3 active little children and my love for crafting and decorating, or I may easily be institutionalized....again, that's a bit extreme, but ya know what I'm sayin?!

And another thought worth mentioning- I work HARD on stuff! I like to learn stuff and I should be able to document these projects- if for no other reason than to just pat myself on the back and remember the projects I've done :) Right? I'm really not even talking to anyone yet because I have no followers so this is already going as planned LOL

Oh dear- too much diet pepsi today. Better post something after all this randomness.

Today I worked on a project for my best friend *hearts* She is turning 30, and we're heading to VEGAS this week to celebrate her- I get to bring hubby so I'm super stoked.

This was a simple-extremely simple project. But I do like how it turned out! "S" is for their last name, Sands :) They have a very beachy decor in their home with these sorts of colors.

So that's it. Quick little project. Hope to be around more now! Maybe someday it won't just be ME reading this....if so, that can be fun too! hehe

Me (Colleen)


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